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* 국내 재고 소진시 2~3개월 소요.



Material : blown glass

Size : — Height: cm 44

— Diameter: cm 36

— Base Diameter: cm 14

WATT : 77W+20W

Socket : E14

Voltage : 220V-240V


Material : blown glass

Size : — Height: cm 34.5

— Diameter: cm 28

— Base Diameter: cm 12

WATT : 46W+20W

Socket : E14

Voltage : 220V-240V


Material : blown glass

Size : — Height: cm 26

— Diameter: cm 20

— Base Diameter: cm 10

WATT : 20W

Socket : E14

Voltage : 220V-240V




Luciano Vistosi

Born on February 24, 1931 in Murano, Luciano Vistosi approached glass and discovered all its secrets as a young boy at his family glass-works, driven by a curiosity and an inventiveness whose successful outcome was the foundation of Vetreria Vistosi in 1952.

With foresight, he sensed the future

success of design objects, creating some himself and involving high-prestige names, such as Magistretti, Sottsass, Zanuso, Aulenti, and many others. With them he opened a fortunate production season, achieving a profitable combination of modern elegance and creativity in Venetian glass. The inventive freshness of the lamps, cups, and everyday objects in general successfully created by Luciano Vistosi until the 1970s embody the true essence of his talent - sculpture.

His personal exhibition in 1968 at Galleria Alfieri in Venice revealed a mature artist to the public, rich with a new valuable poetic approach. In the same year he held a personal exhibition in San Francisco, as well as others in Venice, Cologne, and Düsseldorf in the following decade.

A timid and reserved man, by reaction Luciano Vistosi pervades his art with a vital energy, perhaps surprising even to himself. His ability to capture light finds more effective comparisons in painting than in sculpture.

Luciano Vistosi never gave up his work in art, and continued to create his wonderful, delicate flashes of life at his studio-workshop in Murano, with strength and a generous attitude, until the final days of his life.

He died in Venice on May 14, 2010.


- 제품 개봉시 교환 및 반품이 불가합니다. (제품하자시, 수령당일 확인건에 한해 교환 및 반품 가능)


품명 및 모델명 : Onfale

제조사 : Artemide

제조국 : Italia

품질보증기준 : 제품 특성상 단순변심으로 인한 교환/반품 불가 


Ernesto Gismondi에 의하여 설립된 Artemide는 ‘시간이 지나도 인정받는 디자인’을 모토로 하고 있는 이탈리아 조명 그룹으로, 

혁신적인 디자인과 전통적인 기술을 응용한 실험적 시도를 지난 40년동안 꾸준히 이어왔다. 

디자인적인 요소를 인간의 삶 속으로 끌어들이면서, 정신적인 안정과 즐거움을 선보이도록 끊임없이 노력하고 있다.

2000년도에 들어서면서 RGB 기본색상을 가지고 분위기의 변화를 주는 Metamorfosi 라인을 Human Light 라는 컨셉 아래 출시해 왔으며, 자연과 하나되는 환경이라는 취지아래 감성을 자극하는 빛을 만들고자 하는 연구아래 ‘My White Light’를 탄생시켜 또한번 그 명성을 높이고 있다.


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